Are you suffering from a health ailment that just does not seem to be getting better? Have you seen several western doctors, tried all traditional therapies, used different medications with little to no relief? Is this ailment taking time away from your work and family? If you have been struggling with pain or any gynecological issue, we understand the toll it can take on your body and affect your quality of life. If not treated properly you may also start to feel fatigued, easily irritated, irregular menstrual cycles or increased stress and anxiety.  At Holistic Healing, we strive to ensure every woman receives the best quality of healthcare. Our practitioner provides one on one thorough consultations that evaluate all your health concerns. We will then answer all your questions and discuss your personalized treatment plan. At Holistic Healing, we focus on each individual woman to provide safe, natural and effective treatments to boost your immune system and reset your endocrine system.  After all every woman is unique and your healthcare should be to. Woman are so busy taking care of their families we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Don’t let that be you! As a woman it is especially important to take care of ourselves because our bodies are just different from men’s and we may need specialized care. You don’t have to suffer from pain anymore or continue to take medications with potentially harmful side effects.

Our women’s wellness program is designed to enhance your body’s own natural healing systems that restore hormonal balance. The wellness program consists of a detailed holistic evaluation and treatment plan that may include specialized acupuncture treatments, herbal prescriptions to improve your results, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and mind-body exercises. Our specialized treatment plans not only focus on symptoms but target the root cause of the disease.


At Holistic Healing, we understand the complexity of a woman’s body and provide optimum care no matter which stage in life you may be in. If you are ready for transformative healing and want to take control of your body, Holistic Healing is the place for you! At Holistic Healing, we offer flexible office hours to fit your schedule and can even have your body reset in less than an hour. Take control of your life and start taking care of yourself just as good as you take care of everyone else. If you don’t, who will? You can be pain-free, more relaxed and energetic in just a couple of sessions. Holistic Healing believes in whole body wellness and will help you be the whole, happy and healthy woman you were meant to be!

Premenstrual syndrome | Breast distention/lumps | Endometriosis | Leukorrhea(vaginal discharge)

Dysmenorrhea(cramps and pain) | Fibroids/Ovarian cyst | Amenorrhea (loss of menstrual period) | Acne

Bloating | Irregular menstrual cycle | Irritability/depression | Yeast Infections

Sexual transmitted disease | Pelvic Inflammatory disease | Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Stress | Anxiety | Depression | PTSD


Holistic Healing provides nourishing and balancing treatments for all stages in life. Pregnancy is an exciting and wonderful time and the female physical body is complex. In addition to all that a body does, a woman’s body is able to conceive and birth life. Her intricate reproductive system, when healthy should not be a source of discomfort. When unbalanced, the female reproductive system can be troublesome. Acupuncture is a safe and natural way to treat all of the many changes a women’s body goes through as she brings life into the world. From prenatal to postpartum, Holistic Healing can help you have a smooth transition into motherhood.

Infertility(male and female) | Morning sickness | Constipation

Hemorrhoids | Low back pain | Breach presentation | Induce lactation

Induce labor | Postpartum depression and exhaustion | Sciatica


Menopause is the natural transition that occurs in every woman’s life. Due to the fluctuation of hormone levels, uncomfortable symptoms of menopause are experienced. These symptoms can range from manageable to completely unbearable. The problem is that in some woman this transition can take from 5 to 10 years. Don’t worry this does not have to be you. At Holistic Healing we help relieve all these discomforts naturally. Acupuncture and herbal medicine is a natural approach to relieve all the uncomfortable symptoms and help you transition into the next phase of life as smoothly as possible.

Hot flashes | Night sweats | Vaginal dryness | Insomnia

Irritability | Fatigue | Incontinence | Weight gain

Low Libido | Irregular heart beat | Frozen shoulder

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