Acupuncture for Skin Care

skin care acupuncture houston

Healthy glowing skin is that in which has and will always be sought out. With all our lotions and potions and crazy new trends that always promise the fountain of youth, it seems like it’s a never-ending search. We’ve all been told the result of healthy eating habits and a good lifestyle is the key…

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Health Benefits of CBD

There’s no denying CBD has gone mainstream. Where virtually no one had heard of CBD less than a decade ago, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis is now the most popular wellness trend that’s possibly ever been seen. Celebs swear by CBD, it’s promoted by pro athletes and everyone from children to their grandparents are…

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Can Acupuncture Treat Insomnia?

Acupuncture for insomnia

It’s probably 3 AM right now, and you stumbled upon this article desperate to find a solution to your insomnia. It’s true: insomnia is a frustrating problem. You feel tired and sluggish but can’t get to sleep. Other issues include inferior sleep quality thus leading to tired days. If you are anything like me, your…

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Acupuncture for Pregnancy

induce labor with acupuncture

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and terrifying times in a woman’s life. From start to finish it’s a constant roller coaster of unknowns especially for first time mothers. Through each trimester your hormones are changing so fast you don’t even know how to deal with the symptoms and before you know it…

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Natural Migraine Relief

Migraines seem to come at the worst time possible. When you have a special event with friend, an important work meeting or your kids sports tournament. It comes with a vengeance and doesn’t let up until it has reeked havoc upon your life that it came in to do. Or at least it definitely seems…

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