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Holistic Healing is dedicated to promoting the systemic principle of honoring the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) . This includes analysis of physical, nutritional, emotional, social, mental and spiritual lifestyles. We encourage people to actively participate in their own health and wellness. Our practitioners are committed to providing the highest standards of integrity and professionalism using ancient healing medicine to treat many health ailments naturally. Every person is unique and your body needs personalized care. Houston’s top acupuncture clinic specializes in custom treatment plans tailored just for you by focusing on the root cause of your condition and not just treating the symptoms. Using this ancient curative methodology we can help you achieve transformative healing.

Holistic healing

Rachael R.

She is amazing!

Came in with severe pain for my knee due to arthritis with a pain level of 9. I came in to see Amanda for some kind of relief. After Amanda completed the acupuncture, pain level went down 5-6/10. She is amazing!

Holistic healing

Sandra P.

I was surprised at the results.

I was surprised at the results. I went from taking several pain medications multiple times per day to none at all. This is one of the best alternatives to my chronic pain management since my injury. I am very satisfied with the knowledge of my practitioner in eliminating my pain.

Holistic healing

John H.

Everyday I am feeling less pain.

Every day I am feeling less pain. Amanda is kind, knowledgeable and sweet. Highly recommended.

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