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Acupuncture in Houston, Texas

Holistic Healing Acupuncture

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and I couldn’t imagine living in a better city. From being a melting pot of so many cultures, the amazing food, great shopping and absolutely ridiculous weather, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Houston is my home and will forever be in my heart. As the years have passed by, I’ve watched our city grow exponentially and change from a once conservative state to a more open and conscious living. We are extremely lucky to live in the medical capitol of the world and have some of the most brilliant medical doctors and most advanced hospitals in the city. As our city grows so does our awareness and now the alternative medicine being in the media many locals are seeking acupuncture in Houston to help with multiple health issues.

Holistic Healing Acupuncture was founded 4 years ago in the heart of Houston, Texas. I have been serving the community with natural healthcare treatments as soon as I got my license to practice. It was exciting and scary at the same time, but through the years as I’ve grown so has my practice. I truly believe it is my mission to help people that are in pain, people that are sick and people that need help because they just feel lost. My dream for Holistic Healing was to have a medical practice where my patients felt safe, to be honest with themselves and truly have a place to heal their mind, body and soul. Helping people get better is my calling and Houston is my home. Our city is full of life and energy, but us Houstonians live a pretty busy life. Constantly trying to balance your career, kids and personal life may not always be balanced and I’ve noticed our health is usually the first to be neglected.

My goal for my patients is to help them achieve their optimal level of health. I evaluate each patient for where they are in their life and health journey. No, I’m not going to ban you from all foods and make you become a vegan the next day. I work with each patient and develop customized treatment plans that best fit their lifestyles. I set up attainable goals and reasonable timelines to get your body healthy.

Some of the treatments we use for our patients is acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping therapy, CBD oils, diet and nutrition counseling and lifestyle recommendations. Holistic Healing is about incorporating all the aspects of your life and using them to be the best version of yourself. Our treatment plans are not a 1-time thing and the pain or illness you’ve had for 10 years will magically be gone. Acupuncture is a modality that helps stimulate the healing process, and it takes time to undo all the years of toxins, inflammation or tissue damage. Sometimes your healing journey may not be easy, but my goal is to guide my patients along the way and give them hope of a healthier life.

In order to heal you must nurture your body, care for it and give it love. Something that we were never taught how to do. I believe if we were taught as children how to care for ourselves many illnesses could be avoided. Healing is tough but experiencing the process of transformative healing is completely worth it. Only you can help yourself, I can only guide the way. If you are ready to take control of your health and want to try a more natural approach, Holistic Healing in Houston, Texas is the exact place for you.

Holistic Healing is an acupuncture clinic located in Houston, Texas. We specialize in women’s health and pain management. We get to the root of your disease and don’t just treat the symptoms. Our natural approach to health takes care of our patient’s mind, body and soul to experience Holistic Healing.