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Acupuncture for PMS symptoms

PMS, those 3 little letters can wreck havoc on your life!!, OK maybe I’m being a little dramatic here, but it can definitely cause some damage and completely ruin your routine. We’ve been dealing with PMS as early as pre-teens and you would think we would have it figured out by now, but in the real world PMS can be just as annoying as an adult as it was as a young girl. All our lives we’ve been told having cramps, severe bloating and being miserable was normal and we just have to deal with it. Most of our options range from taking Tylenol to actually having symptoms so severe you seek medical care from your gynecologists. Unfortunately, if your cleared and have no underlying health issue such as PCOS or endometriosis, your doctor most likely will prescribe you some form of birth control and tell you to carry on with your day. But what about the women that have side effects have taking birth control and their body responds negatively, what if you are trying to get pregnant but don’t want to suffer with severe painful periods each month? What do you do then? Well you do have options that don’t require taking birth control pills.

Some common symptoms acupuncture for pms can help relieve are

  • Severe cramping and pain
  • Irritability and overly emotional
  • Food cravings and bloating
  • Heavy bleeding and clotting
  • Too long of cycle or too short

Acupuncture for pms can help regulate your menstrual cycle by balancing your hormones so you don’t feel so much pain and discomfort every month. The acupuncture pms treatments consist of tiny sterile needles being inserted into your lower abdominal area and other parts of your body to directly communicate with your nervous system. This signal transmitted then helps stimulate your body’s own healing process. Our practitioner at Holistic Healing analysis each woman’s symptoms and develops a customized treatment plan specific for your body’s needs. Every woman is unique, her healthcare should be to.”-says Amanda Sanchez founder of Holistic Healing Acupuncture-Natural Health and Wellness. Our goal is to go beyond the symptoms and find the root cause of the imbalance. Your body is trying to tell you something, and it our job to listen to it.

Every woman can say she has or still does experience one or multiple pms symptoms but when its gets to the point that you call into work, miss fun events due to being in so much pain, it’s time to be more proactive and start to do something about it. Acupuncture for pms is a safe and effective way to treat not only the severe cramping and pain, but to actually balance your body’s hormones so you can have a menstrual cycle that doesn’t keep you down. The acupuncture pms treatments consist of a course of sessions and possibly a herbal formula that helps treat the underlying cause of your painful period. The good news is, unlike birth control its only temporary. Once your body has realigned and your pms pain and discomfort is no longer an issue, you wont have to take the herbal medicine anymore.

If you’ve been suffering with severe pain, irregular menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding or clotting for years, tried everything and nothing seems to help then acupuncture for PMS at Holistic Healing could be a great option for you. As women, we are so busy with our career, kids and spouse who has time to deal with PMS pain.Take control of your body and give it the nourishment it needs so you can get back to being the fierce woman you are and continue taking over the world.

Holistic Healing Acupuncture clinic is located in Houston, Texas. Our practitioner Amanda Sanchez specializes in pain management for women’s health using modern acupuncture for modern diseases. We focus on treating our patients mind, body and soul to experience transformative healing.